X-perts/ the band history

New Orleans, where else? Slinky Williams, P’tit Loup and Chief Walter Dee are on a trip, checking out the Louisiana juke joints and red light bars. During their musical odyssey they dive deep into this mythical mixture of blues, jazz, country, funk and soul. They meet Catfish Harry, who used to live there, a couple of jam sessions later it’s obvious : the X-perts line up is perfect.

Catfish Harry arranges a tour of Southern Louisiana, the audiences are enthusiastic,
concerts recorded…….cut.

Back in good old Germany, Catfish Harry happens to meet his former band members again, the old tapes re-appear and listening to them all four musicians cannot believe their ears. Such a groove, such a feeling “ makes you dance and shake your butt until your butt is funky”. They decide to release the recordings on CD as

“The Long Lost American Tapes”.

The X-perts are now on a never ending world tour, to promote this album. From Brokum to Lommersum, Kerpen-Buir to Huchem-Stammeln – wherever they play they leave their fans in a roaring frenzy. The X-perts select the location carefully: No venue without some whisky, red wine, a good smoke, and some foxy ladies and sharp dressed men around!
“Desitively” too good to be true, ain’t it?
To be continued……